The World’s Busiest Airport

Do you want to learn more about the world’s busiest airport in an entertaining and FUN way!  Well I have good news for you!

I am a distant relative of former Atlanta Mayor William B. Hartsfield and I wrote a book on the world’s busiest airport.  I also speak at businesses, churches, civic groups and schools with an entertaining, upbeat, fun speech entitled “What’s In A Name.”  That is also the title of my book that has a sub-title of:  “A Historical Perspective of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.”  WOW, what a Long name!!!

How did the airport in Atlanta Georgia become the world’s busiest?   Who was this Hartsfield guy?  How about Jackson?  Why does the airport have a hyphenated name?  These are the questions that my book and my speech answer!

Other little known facts about this GREAT airport are that it has had FIVE official names in less than 100 years.  The airport began in 1925.  Coca-Cola and the Atlanta airport have many connections.  (We’ll discuss that in the speech or you can read about it in my book)!

It is a fascinating story that very few people know.   I am keenly aware that some people….OK, maybe a lot of people don’t care.  If more people cared, I would have sold even more books than I have.   The book has done pretty well selling over 750 to date.  It is available from me, (see my web site;  or my Face book page, Hartsfield International Speakers or even call me at 678-773-4047).  The book is also available on Amazon, on Barnes and, and as a Kindle version.

As a part time professional speaker, I also can come to your group in the Atlanta area to speak to you about the airport and my book.  My speech, “What’s in a Name” is very interesting and FUN!

Back to the busiest airport in the world!!!  Every day someone asks me why is the airport named for Hartsfield and who was he.  As noted, Hartsfield was a Mayor of Atlanta.  Not just any Mayor.  He served 6 terms …and is Atlanta’s longest serving Mayor.  Jackson was Atlanta’s first African American mayor and served 3 terms himself.  There are chapters on each of these men in the book.

How did the airport become the world’s busiest?  Well, there are multiple answers to this question.

Get my book, or contact me and let’s talk about how I can deliver this or other speeches for your group!  Thanks for reading my boast about the airport and me!  Have a phenomenal day!


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